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厦门交叉媒体创意科技有限公司 持守创立时的初心,通过不断探索艺术、设计、科技的深度融合,激发创意内核,发掘跨界创新带来的无限可能与巨大价值。 厦门交叉媒体创意科技有限公司拥有优质的艺术及创意资源、国际化的策划及设计团队、出色的软件和硬件研发能力。公司附属机构交叉媒体实验室与 C-艺术设计平台,分别专注于跨学科创意设计项目的试验与研究,以及跨领域文化艺术活动项目的策划与传播。 厦门交叉媒体创意科技有限公司致力于创意策划与体验设计,集整体方案策划、跨媒介体验设计、专业执行服务于一体,竭力为用户的创新发展服务。 Xiamen Mexdia Creativity & Technology Co., Ltd. brings an inquisitive and open spirit which by explorations at the intersection of art, design and technology and by stimulation of this creative core, discover both infinite potentials and the enormous value brought about by crossover innovations. Xiamen Mexdia Creativity & Technology Co., Ltd. possesses quality art and creative resources, an international planning and design team and outstanding development capabilities of hardware and software. MEXDIA Lab. and C-PLATFORM are subsidiary bodies of the company and are responsible for inter-media creative design projects, research and the planning of cultural and art activities. Xiamen Mexdia Creativity & Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in creative planning and experience design, integrating general case planning, inter-media experience design and professional execution services. We strive to serve the user’s innovative development.
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